Rumblings in the Deep…

No, I’m not writing about my current need for a bite to eat. This is simply the first entry which serves the purpose of explaining what I’ll be doing on here and why you should read it.

As a writer and filmmaker I am constantly hungry to see how my heroes go about their process behind the scenes, what inspires them and what their views on contemporary works. It’s inspiring to hear from the people behind the films you love but very few filmmakers actually give a really good, in depth insight in to their world which is fair enough. There is a certain element of privacy in art and when the product is finished, it’s sometimes best just to let go.

Some filmmakers however, really give back to the fans and those keen to learn more. Peter Jackson, Edgar Wright and Ridley Scott among others all contribute extensive material to the kind of features you might find on the four disc special edition dvd/ blu ray box set.

Now I’m not in any way pretending to be at the same level as these masters of entertainment but I do think this blog could be a useful outlet not only for me for me as I vent my personal thoughts and processes (if I have a set pattern at all) but for anyone who is interested in doing the same thing.

You may think this is terribly self important and boring but every writer has a style, every person has their inspirations and dreams and while mine may be less or more important than those which you regard so highly, to me they are everything.

I hope to post every week and at the most, every other week. I hope you have fun reading and I’ll catch you all next time when I’ll discuss how ideas pop in to my head and form the basis for yet another script. I’ll be using examples of my current and past projects. I may even post earlier depending on how busy I am and if I find something worth writing about.

For now, keep writing, keep watching and stay tuned..!

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